The Encore Technology Building was successfully capped

2019-11-28     0823    

On the morning of November 26, 2019, the topping out ceremony of The Encore Science and Technology Building was successfully held. Yin Wei, chairman of Inkerry, attended the capped ceremony with senior executives and employee representatives of the company.




Yingkerui Science and Technology Building is located in Baolong Industrial Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, and the total construction period of the project from planning and design to completion plan is 24 months. The total investment of the project is 150 million yuan, covering an area of more than 7,500 m2 and a total construction area of 32,000 m2. The project includes a 12-storey production and office complex, a 9-storey dormitory life logistics supporting building, and a 2-storey basement. The project is scheduled to be operational in the second quarter of 2020.


At the ceremony, Mr. Yin, chairman of Incorri, affirmed the cooperation and cooperation of all parties involved in the project, highly recognized the construction quality and duration management of the project, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hard work of the builders and the care and support of friends from all walks of life.

The Encore Science and Technology Building project is the first important engineering project invested and constructed by the company. With the smooth capping and imminent completion of the science and technology building, the company will bid farewell to the dilemma of renting development in many places, and will play an important role in enhancing the company's image, optimizing the development environment, better absorbing talents, giving play to the role of talents, and better planning the company's future development strategy and development projects.